Symaga Silos is a Spanish company specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing of galvanized steel silos for grain storage. With more than 30 years of experience, exceeding 7,000 installations and more than 28 million m³ of grain storage built in more than 140 countries.

The versatility of their products makes them available for different industries such as breweries and malting, animal feed, port facilities, flour mills, ethanol, drying, flour mills and rice facilities, seed, oil plants, and storage of raw materials for the plastic industry and biofuels.

Symaga Silos are passionate about storage and always look forward to the next grain care challenge. Consolidated as one of the main manufacturers of industrial silos, Symaga is currently involved in the biggest storage projects around the world. Their commitment is to offer better, all-technical, global, and tailored services to each project.


Symaga supplies a wide range, flat up to 25.000 m³, and hopper silos, 12 meters in diameter with 45°hopper and 2,643 m³ capacity, with double welded compression ring, with 60° and 66° hopper.

Symaga's silos are recognized worldwide for their strength, durability, reliability and easy assembly. They provide Z600 galvanization, ensuring the highest service life of the market.

The constant investment in updated technology has achieved the total automation. They are the first silo manufacturer obtaining CE certified, their manufacturing capacity and total control traceability reach maximum quality standards.

Ana Escamilla Gonzalez

Ana Escamilla Gonzalez