The Republic of Turkish Agriculture and Forestry's Minister, Dr Ekrem Pakdemirli, gave information about diesel, fertilizer, rootstock, sheep and goats, cereals, legumes, corn, animal disease compensation and additional support to Angora goats, and informed producers that the payment of 1 billion 881 million TL (approx US $289.384.615) will start today.


The support amounts to be deposited according to the TCKN last digits of the producers are as follows:

  • Diesel, fertiliser: 20 provinces, 553.326 producers, 1.145 billion TL (approx $176.153.846)
  • Broodstock and goats: 80 provinces, 196.116 breeders, 580 million TL (approx $89.230.769)
  • Grain and legume support: 14 provinces, 35.034 producers, 120 million TL (approx $18.461.538)
  • Grain and corn support: 6 provinces, 9,485 producers, 20 million TL (approx $3.076.923 USD)
  • Animal disease compensation: 68 provinces, 686 breeders, 16.2 million TL (approx $2.492.307)
  • Additional support for Angora goats: 3 provinces, 131 breeders, 226 thousand TL (approx $34.769.230)

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