Our latest application into The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards is from Italian company PLP Liquid Systems: their CARDESA solution for the accurate and precise dosing of feed. These awards are given to the most impressive innovations in the realm of feed procesing, nutrition and machinery.



The Cardesa is an automatic system for the manual dosing for micro-powder components. The system is used for the semi-automatic compilation of recipes. In feed mills, very often a large number of powder ingredients are used, which are added in small quantities and for this, sometimes, it's not convenient to use automatic dosing systems.

The Cardesa systems allow the products to be stored all in a single space, which is customised according to customer needs. The operator, through a control panel placed on the machine, will be able to automatically call the product requested by the formula.


PLP's Cardesa joins a variety applications from Famsun and DSAND Animal Nutrition, competing for The Animal feed and Nutrition Awards trophy.


Famsun's PTZL5000

The PTZL5000 Vacuum Coater's effective volume is 5000 litres, and the height of the solution is 5.6 metres. The capacity of the coater is 1500kg-per-batch. The coating period takes approximately just 270 seconds and the maximum capacity of the solution is 20 tonnes-per-hour, so the PTZL5000 is currently the biggest vacuum coater in the world.

The PTZL Vacuum Coater, with excellent sealing performance, creates and maintains a strong vacuum at a range from -950 mbar to 0 mbar and can achieve liquid addition levels up to 36 percent.


DSAND's Growease

Growease is a unique combination of hydrolysed proteins with enzymes contains high levels of all the essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. The solution also contains omega-3 fatty acids to aid a wide variety of essential bodily functions. The solution contains a minimum of 20 percent hydrolysed proteins and a up to one percent omega-3 fatty acids.

One of the reasons why Growease is incorporated into poultry nutrition is because it has high biological value (BV). As a result, proteins with the highest levels of BV promote the leanest muscle gains. Its enzymatic bounding improves absorption of other proteins sources in the diet. Due to the synergistic effects of Growease, weight gain accelerates after use of said enzyme.


DSANDS Proease

Proease is was introduced onto the market after a variety of field trials and institutional research work regarding identified protease enzymes. Proease is an ultra-filtrated purified cysteine protease enzyme which breaks down different varieties of protein and poly peptides. It is the only identified protease able to act effectively when subject to a wide range of pH levels and remains stable up to 90 degrees centigrade.

Proease is an identified protease enzyme. In the current market, serine protease is the only solution commonly used as an enzyme to benefit feed, which has certain limitations such as serine's restriction to only be able to function within alkaline pH levels. Other unidentified proteases (mixtures of acid, neutral and alkali protease) have lot of variations and have no current accurate method of identification.




Please note: Applications into The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards 2020 are now closed.

Winner(s) will be announced at the VIVCTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia Network Reception in March 2020.

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