Fall harvest is an exciting time of year but it can also be filled with mycotoxins. Seedburo can help you prepare for any type of toxin testing you may be performing this fall with the new Bunn 3 pound Bulk Grinder. The Bunn Bulk Grinder will help you prepare samples faster. It's easier to use than a blender or lab grinder and you will become more efficient in your toxin testing process.

The G3 Bunn is equipped with a hopper that holds three pounds of sample with a convenient cleaning lever that ensures complete cleanout of the sample from the grinding chamber. Heavy-duty precision burrs provide a quality grind.

The G3 is fast, grinding one pound in less than 30 seconds and has a bag switch which stops the motor when the bag is removed and prevents grinding before another bag is in place. All of this and it is covered by a three year warranty.

Seedburo also carry test kits for GMOs and mycotoxins, for more information on this and more visit the Seedburo website, HERE.

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