Ceremony FMLA - Pilar Barceló and Verónica Guerra collecting the Best Better-for-You Ingredient of the year.
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Tritordeum has won the first award in the category Best Better-for-You Ingredient of the Year at the Food Matters Live Awards 2018.

Tritordeum is a new Mediterranean cereal with real benefits for the farmer, the consumer and the environment that has come to stay. It is considered a healthy alternative to wheat because of its nutritional, agronomical and organoleptic benefits. Its grain is suitable for a wide range of cereal based foods and beverages (bread, biscuits, pasta, pizza, beer, etc).

Within the framework of Food Matters Live, these awards are an excellent opportunity to recognise and reward the latest and greatest innovations in the nutrition, food and beverage sectors. A panel of 24 expert judges from across the food and drink industry assessed and tasted each product, and the winners were announced at the ceremony that took place 21st November in Excel, London.

In this second year of the Food Matters Live Awards, the jury has selected the mediterranean cereal from the Spanish start-up company Agrasys as a solution that can help manufacturers create better-for-you food and drink products. Another five finalists were selected in the same category.

The Agrasys managing director Pilar Barceló collected the iconic trophy on behalf of the company, together with Verónica Guerra, communication and marketing manager. "This is very important recognition for our cereal and the best letter of introduction for our entry to the UK market", said Ms Barceló at the ceremony.

The Awards recognise important new food products in a range of 12 categories, from innovative product development and ground-breaking science and technology through to healthy eating initiatives and sustainable practices. The 13 selected winners reflect the boom in nutritious and environmentally-friendly products and ingredients, as well as trends towards vegan and free-from foods.

Why Tritordeum is a better-for-you ingredient
"With the award, Tritordeum has been recognised as a new ingredient that makes a significant difference in terms of environmental, nutritional and social impact", explained the communication and marketing manager.

As a crop, Tritordeum is more sustainable and has a better ecological footprint. It is a robust cereal, adapted to the inclemency of climate change. It stands up well to drought and high temperatures. "The fact that Tritordeum makes efficient use of water and has good resistance to diseases makes it a more sustainable cereal with reduced environmental impact", said Ms Guerra.

Tritordeum is cultivated in the Mediterranean area - Spain, Italy and the South of France. Today, 70 percent of the production comes from local farmers with organic certification. Agrasys works with local farmers under repurchase agreements without price fluctuations, supporting the local economy and following a philosophy of respect for sustainable principles.

Apart from its sustainability advantages, Tritordeum is also winning supporters in the food and beverage sector because of its nutritional benefits: high levels of fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants like lutein and much more digestible gluten. In comparison to wheat, it has high levels of dietary fibre with positive effects on cardiovascular health; 10 times more lutein - an antioxidant involved in eye health that protects the retina from UV light and the effects of aging; and more unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, considered a central pillar of the Mediterranean diet.

Furthermore, it has more digestible gluten. According to new scientific research, Tritordeum has a significant reduction in gluten proteins associated with food intolerances in comparison with wheat. Although it does contain gluten and thus is not suitable for coeliac sufferers, it can be an alternative cereal to those who want to reduce their gluten intake or for persons with Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity. Source: Vaquero et. al., (2017)

It tastes good
Experts observe that Tritordeum products are characterised by excellent organoleptic properties: sweet flavour, pleasant aroma and an attractive golden colour (due to the lutein content).

Availability in Europe
Tritordeum is very suitable for a wide range of cereal-based products. It can be used for bakery and pastry products, pasta and pizza, battered and breaded products, extruded products, vegetable drinks and fermented beverages, such as beer.

These and many other products made with Tritordeum are available in nine countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. One of the latest successes in Europe has been that the major Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has recently launched Tritordeum bread in some 720 shops.

For more information on Tritordeum visit the website, HERE.

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