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Kansas State University's IGP Institute hosts five-week distance professional development opportunity

Many say you are what you eat; by that logic, farm animals are roughly 75 percent soybean meal, dried distiller's grains, and water. Learn what is comprised within the fundamental practice of farm animal nutrition, while discussing topics on anatomy, growth, development, and nutrition digestion, absorption and metabolism. Prior to entering the course, some may ask what nutrients are important in an animal"s diet, and how are nutrients being utilised. These questions and many more will be addressed throughout the course. The date for this online training is set for October 15–November 16, 2018.

This course is designed for industry professionals who are interested in fundamentally understanding animals' nutritional requirements and the digestive systems of production animals.

The main training focus is on the elementary principles of farm animal nutrition. This includes the anatomy, nutritional digestion, absorption, metabolism, and a general overview of the nutrients necessary for animal growth and development. By the end of this course, participants will know how an animal's digestive system and nutritional requirements influences the ingredients and makeup of feed.

"It is important to understand the basics of animal nutrition in order to work in the animal feed industry," says Cassandra Jones, assistant professor of animal sciences and industry. "Whether you are feeding animals, manufacturing feed, work in sales or marketing, or are responsible for procurement or logistics, understanding the background of animal nutrition helps you understand the purpose and function of the product with which you are dealing."

This is a self-paced, five-week online training course including lectures and readings specifically designed for professionals looking to gain a larger understanding of animal digestive anatomy and nutrition utilisation. The course offers one continuing education credit.

For more information or to register for this course, click HERE

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