by Professor Wu Wenbin, Henan University of Technology and Editor, Milling and Grain – Chinese Edition


The grain industry is a fundamental industry that concerns the national economy and peoples' lives a seminar in Henan Province, China, was told in November 2020.

Hosted by Henan University of Technology and Zhengzhou National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Administration Committee, a Grain Workshop drew together over 100 academic and industry experts in the field of grain production and processing to determine the future role of grain in the Chinese economy and the dietary requirements for its 1.4 billion population.

Henan University of Technology itself has made significant scientific research advances in the fields of grain storage and transportation, post-harvest and comprehensive utilisation, in-depth processing advances along with advances in grain economics, management and circulation.

Since its founding more than 60 years ago, the University has produced more than 100,000 college graduates who remain loyal to the food industry.

Based on its specialty focus of all matters relating to grains, the school has put forward a construction plan called 'Grain of China' to the industry.

The Zhengzhou Peoples' Government says that the development of Zhengzhou is in urgent need to find new solution and adapt Henan's development to meet its future growth points.

The proposal of 'Grain of China' provides a possibility to address these new growth point. Zhengzhou Municipal Government and Henan University of Technology have the foundation, conditions, ability and responsibility to achieve greater breakthroughs in the field of 'symbiosis and co-prosperity' by promoting the construction of 'Grain of China.'

Zheng Bangshan, Director of the Education Department of Henan Province, pointed out in his speech to the Workshop that Henan is a big province with higher education, but its social service capacity of higher education still needs to be improved. Henan University of Technology is a key University in Henan Province.

It is an important task to strengthen the social service ability.

The proposal and construction of 'Grain of China' will meet the development needs of Henan Province and is conducive to improving the ability of Henan University of Technology to serve the national strategy.

Leaders of the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration said in their speeches that Henan is located on the Central Plains of China and enjoys a superior geographical location. Henan is an important major grain-producing area and a major province for grain processing and transformation. It has a solid foundation for industrial development along with distinctive features.


The construction cycle of the first phase of 'Grain of China' is estimated to cost RMB69 billion (US$10.75 billion) over five years.

Food is not only an economic, but also a social and political issue for China, a country of 1.4 billion people.

Henan University of Technology, based in a major grain-producing province, must comply with the national development trend put forward - a China grain project construction idea – and its implementation which is an important measure for overall national security and food security strategy. The aim is to build a complete system of food security, pushing power from the food producers to food industry in China, and enhancing national food security.

Expert support

Experts at the meeting also held in-depth discussions on the urgency, feasibility and related operational objectives involved in the establishment of 'Grain of China.'

They also pointed out that, as a big agricultural province, Henan's grain production plays an important role cross China. Its abundant grain industrial resources and superior geographical location have become an important resource base for the construction of 'Grain of China.'

Therefore, it is appropriate to locate the China's grain program in Henan. We should take a broad view of the whole country but have it take root in Henan.

At the same time, the experts at the meeting put forward suggestions from different perspectives, such as improving the project's location, expanding the scope of cooperation, focusing on short-term goals, strengthening the application of new technologies, innovative management models, analysing investment returns and cultivating professional talents in a gradient manner.

The scheme should highlight the core position of both high level and new technologies in project construction, focusing on strengthening scientific and technological innovation, adopting research and development findings and strengthen collaborative innovations.

The operation of the project should strengthen the leading role grain plays in the market and further increase the proportion of the grain market in the whole industrial chain. Soft science should also be incorporated into the grain project to better respond to changes in international food markets.

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