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Recently, the 40-ton high-end large and medium-sized pig feed expanding production line built by Zhengchang for Huize Wen's Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. has entered the trial production stage. The equipment runs stably, the feed material produced is of good shape, and the pellets are uniform, which makes Huize Wen's customers very satisfied.

Huize County is one of the eight dominant pig counties in Yunnan Province, and has been awarded the national pig transfer from the country for 12 consecutive years. The county relies on the leading enterprises represented by Guangdong Wen's Group Co., Ltd. to vigorously promote the sustainable development of the pig industry. The pig industry has become one of the leading industries cultivated in the county's poverty alleviation.

However, after entering 2021, the industry's conclusion that the non-pneumonia epidemics are 'more frequent in winter in the north and frequent in summer in the south' has once again been confirmed. There is no doubt that the outbreak of epidemics in southern pig-raising provinces such as Guangxi, Guangdong, and Yunnan has revived. This brought a crisis to the pig industry in Huize County.

At this time, it is particularly important to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the healthy development of the pig industry. As a source of all nutrients for animal growth, feed is inextricably linked to African swine fever. Internationally renowned feed expert Dr. Scot's research has shown that after the virus is carried in feed ingredients, it can still survive for a long time. Among them, the survival time of African swine fever virus in soybean meal can even exceed 30 days.

Removal of African swine fever virus carried in feed through feed processing technology has become an important issue in the industry. The industry has provided many solutions for this. Among them, the fourth-generation expanding process of Zhengchang, which won the 2011 China Feed Industry Major Technological Progress Project Award, can kill ASF viruses from the source and is the most effective in actual use by many customers.

This time, the high-end large and medium pig feed production line built by Zhengchang for Huize Wen's is equipped with Zhengchang's fourth-generation expanding process. The use of Zhengchang expanding technology can not only kill the swine fever virus from the source, but also increase the survival rate of suckling pigs in the 7-31-day training trough by 99 percent, and reduce the feed-to-meat ratio of piglets by 0.1 percent.

The pig feed produced by Zhengchang expanding technology has helped customers establish a series of differentiated competitive advantages:

It can completely kill the African swine fever virus from the source, allowing the baby pigs to grow up healthily.

It can eliminate the anti-nutritional factors in the raw materials, reduce the urease in the soybean meal, and the suckling pig will not diarrhea after eating, and the survival rate is high

Medium temperature and comfort (90~130 degrees) plus low temperature pelleting technology retains the activity of functional substances in the raw materials, improves the digestibility of feed, and realizes the formula value of nutritionists. The produced pig feed is fragrant, sweet, crisp, and crisp. Good nutrition, good digestion and fast growth

In the teaching trough stage, the feed intake can be increased, and the total feed intake can reach 525-700 grams, which improves the absorption capacity of the suckling pig's digestive tract. Generally, the weight of the suckling pig will increase by 1 kg during the teaching trough. The weight of adult pigs can increase by 10 kg.

Zhengchang specialises in creating stable, reliable and long-lasting expanding process production lines for pig feed companies to kill African swine fever virus in feed materials, improve feed quality, ensure health and pollution-free, and continuously create value for customers.

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