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Alashankou, Xinjiang, is the most important land port city in Western China and the node city of the Belt and Road.

As the first integrated free trade zone in Xinjiang, Alashankou integrated free trade zone receives various types of imports from the countries along the Belt and Road, which are distributed or processed to the Chinese domestic market. Benefiting from the increasingly expanding and improving open pattern, Alashankou integrated free trade zone is constantly exhibiting strong development vitality.

Grain Engineering, as a high-end storage engineering brand of ZHENG CHANG Group, is the large-scale grain drying, storage, transportation, safekeeping equipment integrated solution provider. It has been actively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative. With the strong engineering and equipment delivery ability, it has undertaken three large-scale projects in the Alashankou integrated free trade zone, namely Aiju storage project, Jinshahe storage project and the Jingang bulk grain conveying project.

Jinshahe storage project
Image credit: Zheng Chang

The project will use two railways to distribute bulk grain with an hourly conveying capacity of 1600t/h. It will undoubtedly become the largest railway bulk grain distribution project for the Belt and Road, which has great strategic significance for the whole grain industry.

Zheng Chang have commented that in the future, they will remain true to their original aspirations and adhere to the core value of "Unity at Heart, Credibility, Solidarity, Value & Result-Oriented", to provide stable and reliable products and services for the strategic construction of the Belt and Road, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of feed and grain industry!

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