The Zaccaria Destoner, model SDZ/CF-2 Super was developed to separate small impurities that are heavier than rice grains, cereals and materials such as stones, glass fragments, metal and other small materials that were not removed by sieve cleaners in the purification process or were originated during it. The solution can process between 3600-14,000 kg/h of brown rice.

The Destoner uses gravity as a principle which works to separate such elements. When the materials are subjected to vibrations and an ascendant air flow the reduces the weight of the specified products by a closed-circuit system, this ensures for efficient separation both quickly and efficiently. The solution is also remarkably environmentally friendly and has a special system to save energy. One of the environmentally sustainable features in the solution is the automatic sleep mode of the digital screen- after a specified amount of time, the machine will run in a form of sleep mode, wherein it uses less energy and continues to run at the same capacity, whilst using less energy in the plant. When the feeding hopper is full, the machine will turn on back into its full power mode again.

The Zaccaria Destoner SDZ/CF-2S boasts a myriad of essential features that highlight Zaccaria's skills as milling innovators. These include refined level sensors are both the top and bottom of the solution, to ensure a constant air flow. Timers can also be adjusted to control the separation time and discharge of impurities. The set of screens is constructed from stainless steel and a clear window is readily available for users to inspect the contents.

A sample collector enables users to easily see the end result, through a handy product outlet. There is also a convenient connection point for dust suction. Need a spare part? This is no problem, as the belts and bearings the SDZ/CF-2S requires can be easily found on the market.

As a result of continuous work throughout its history, Zaccaria has become the leader in the Brazilian milling market. The Zaccaria product line includes equipment for processing beans, maize and other cereals. Together with agents located throughout Brazil and the world, Zaccaria supplies a complete line of original and spare parts, rolls and rubber brakes.

Within the competitive market for cereal processing, Zaccaria make all efforts to offer to its customers not only products with excellent quality and technology, but also personalised projects for specific purposes according to customers' requirements, as well as technical assistance, commercial and technical support through highly qualified agricultural/mechanical engineers.

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