by Sefa Yegin, Area Sales Manager, Yenar


Yenar is proud to have produced its 60th YFG Yenar Fluting and Grinding Machine. The 60th fluting and grinding machine was produced in Yenar new additional 6000m2 factory beside the existing places and shipped to Saudi Arabia.

Yenar has proudly been offering up to 670mm diameter YFG 60210 model for seven years now. The YFG fluting and grinding machine has become the standard in the high capacity flour mills and has been sold in more than 20 countries in a very short time all over the world including in USA, India, Indonesia, France, Belarus, Tanzania, Mexico, Mongolia, Kazakhstan.

Yenar has showcased its experience and strength in roll manufacturing for 25 years and we have now decided to produce our own fluting machines, as the existing machines in the market were not meeting the unique demands of our company.

We decided to produce these machines for our own use several years ago and later, with the support of our agents and customers who wanted also to have same machine, this is now a reality. As Yenar fluting machines are built by a roll producer, we are proud to say that our fluting machines have many great advantages and prove to be very user friendly. They are a big success in the sector and following this we suddenly became a key machine manufacturer.

Today we have seen how accurate the investments we made to our new factory are, as we have just sold our 60th machine. Each year, five percent of our turnover is invested into R&D and US $3m is invested into machinery production, with plans to produce 40 machines per year.

We now have two different types of fluting machinery; a combined YFG model fluting and grinding model and a YF model, which is capable of fluting in three sizes: 350x1500, 450x2100 and 600x2100mm. Yenar also offer an exclusively cylindrical grinding machine (the YCG).

The YFG/YF 35150 model is mainly designed for millers that wish to grind and re-flute their own rolls in the mill with this machine. This combined machine provides millers with a method for re-fluting and grinding at least three rolls per day, a serious advantage for millers.

The YFG/YF 45210 model is generally designed for crushing rolls of varying size such as 400x2100 mm rolls. These rolls are much more longer than flour milling rolls so it is very difficult to flute these types of rolls, but Yenar guarantee that users can re-flute these types of rolls in a very short time with high accuracy.

Also, Yenar is offering the largest model, theYFG/YF 60210 fluting machine that is able to flute flaking rolls that are around 600mm in diameter. With this model users can flute up to 670mm x 2100mm rolls.

The most important aspect of fluting is that the depth of the flute is automatically calculated by the machine, according to flow sheet that you have to input into the screen. Through this technology, users cannot make any mistakes. Lastly, Yenar offers users the only cylindrical grinding machine (YCG) that is suitable for mass production, meaning that the devices are suitable for corrugating workshops.

Yenar also announced in October 2019 at IAOM SEA in Jakarta, Indonesia that their latest innovation is the rollCare Profile Measurement Device that is able to check the status of roll profiles while fluting is in operation, as well as on the roller mills.

After measurement, this device allows the users to compare stats by overlapping automatically the measured profile and the theoretical one and providing users with the deviations. With rollCare, users can easily determine the optimal time required to re-flute their rolls and you do not need to pay more money for energy consumptions with the wear out rolls.

Yenar are very happy to offer these innovations in 2019 and beyond!


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