Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has sent 194,400 tons of agricultural products to Africa on eight ships, of which contained 46,500 tons of wheat. In particular, a few days ago, the fourth vessel left the port of Chornomorsk as part of the Grain from Ukraine initiative. AMIRA HANA will deliver 30,000 tons of wheat to the port of Djibouti, and from there Ukrainian grain will be sent to Ethiopia. In total, Ukraine has already delivered 238,300 tons of wheat to Ethiopia, which is on the verge of starvation.

The largest amount of agricultural products since the beginning of the 'grain initiative' went to Africa in October. 25 ships were loaded, the total tonnage was 571.4 thousand tons of agricultural products.

Over the past seven days, Ukraine has shipped 871,000 tons of agricultural products within the framework of the grain corridor. 387,000 tons of corn were shipped, 287,000 tons of wheat. A total of 673 vessels with 18.4 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products have already passed through the corridor.

Unfortunately, the daily number of ships leaving Ukrainian ports has not increased over the past week.

Image credit: Susanne Nilsson on flickr
(CC BY-SA 2.0)

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