With over 60 years of experience in the seeds and grain industry, Westrup is a reliable solutions provider that many can attest truly understand how the industry works and how to create the best machinery for your needs. Westrup place a key emphasis on adapting to change, and this is clear in how they continue to innovate and improve every year to reflect the ever-changing technologies in the seeds and grain industries.

First established in 1958 by brothers Troels and Knud Westrup, the brothers took their already impressive knowledge of seed processing machinery to a new level by laying the first foundations for Westrup. From humble beginnings in their garage at home, the brothers soon discovered that the company showed real promise and began to develop.

Expansion soon occurred in the form of a production facility in 1964 in Soroevej, Denmark, the location where Westrup remain to this day. The variety of Westrup innovations continue to come out of Soroevej and they are now known as reliable and professional manufacturers of grain and seed processing technologies around the world.

Their first indented cylinder was built in 1972, followed by the establishment of their modular programme in 1984. A US facility soon followed in 1987, as well as in 1994 facilities being built in both France and Germany. In 2007 a facility was established in the South Pacific and in 2009 a sales office in China. In 2018 Westrup celebrated their 60th anniversary.

One particularly impressive service Westrup offer is their test centres, where clients can get their grains and seeds tested on small-scale machines. In doing this, Westrup can inform clients of the best ways in which to utilise Westrup machines in order to get the most out of each and every solution, ensuring success every time.

In addition, Westrup offer training sessions for clients so a complete understanding of all Westrup machinery is given to each worker, ensuring efficient processing and production.

'We know that a seed is not just a seed and a grain not simply a grain, therefore we help our customers understand each process and teach how to evaluate the product and adjust the machines accordingly. This way, they will achieve the outcome they are looking for', says Anders Thorsted, CEO.

Preventative maintenance is a service also offered by Westrup, in which Westrup colleagues carry out repairs and give solutions dedicated check-ups.

'In today's high-volume business and 'just in time' shipment of seed, the processing equipment must operate without problems or shutdowns. Therefore, we offer a number of service solutions, solutions that can be tailored to each customer's needs', says Kevin Kidwell, Country, Sales and Service Manager in the US.

It is clear that Westrup offer a great deal to the grain and seeds processing industries and will only continue to grow and establish themselves in the coming years.

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