Why Egypt?

The largest international event organised by APK-Inform Agency was held in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt in February 2006. Being the largest sales market and world importer number one, Egypt has been constantly increasing its share on the global stage:

● 1st place in world wheat imports (12.5 m tonnes)
● 2nd place in world corn imports (9.7 m tonnes)
● Active rise in imports of soybeans (3.3 m tonnes in the season-2018/19 against 1.3 mln tonnes in 2015/16) and sunflower oil (0.5 m tonnes against 0.3 m tonnes respectively).

Such dependence on the world suppliers makes Egypt one of the key sales markets of grains for Ukraine and Russia and in light of recent events – soybeans from the USA. Population growth only contributes to increasing purchases on world markets, not only in Egypt, but the MENA region as a whole. In particular, the import of soybean oil North Africa is growing in direct proportion to domestic production and consumption and is estimated at the level of 1.59 m tonnes in the past season. At the same time, the Middle East is actively increasing purchases of sunflower oil – 1.7 m tonnes were imported in 2017/18 MY, including about 700 000 tonnes of Ukrainian oil.

The season-2018/19 is another test for both importers and exporters of both the grain and oilseeds markets. Middle East Grains&Oils Congress will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss and comprehend the main events of the season, their causes and consequences, to predict the situation of the next marketing year.

Middle East Grain Congress is supported by India Middle East Agro Trade Industry & Investment Forum.

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Shtefanko Helen

Shtefanko Helen