Tapco was conceived in the early 1970's by Paul D. Taylor, President and Ted W. Beaty, Retired, to fill a void in the elevator bucket industry. At that time, there was only one manufacturer of nonmetallic buckets in the U.S.A. All the other buckets were made from fabricated steel. With the inherent problems of steel buckets and the limited range of the existing polyethylene brand, the time was right for Tapco.

The company has been in its own 92,500 square foot facility for over 25 years. This has allowed us to bring our injection molding "in house" for better control and cost effectiveness. Tapco has nine injection molding machines ranging from a small 150 ton to a very large 1,000 ton press. This allows us to make our entire range of buckets in the most expedient and quality controlled manner.
Tapco stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in the world, some 900,000 buckets and 14 million bolts. We also have the largest inventory of abrasion resistant sheeting, drag flights and hanger bearings in North America.

We have the products that you need, when you need them, and at a competitive price! Our shipping department is geared to handle the most urgent of emergencies. We welcome your rush orders. We at Tapco feel the future is unlimited. We have plans for new and different products relating to bulk material handling.
Our exporting is growing every day. We have exported to more than fifty different countries around the world. Stocking distributors are located strategically in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, Western Europe and the Pacific Rim. This segment of the market is keyed for further growth.
Tapco is continuously researching new technologies to better serve our customers. Product research has been a priority for many years. Innovations in the company’s state of the art processing enables Tapco to meet the customized needs of its diverse customers. Tapco uses the highest quality material for their buckets; 100% prime virgin high density linear polyethylene, impact modified nylon and thermoplastic urethane.
Our mission at Tapco is to provide the highest value products and service at the best price. The company's focus is on building and maintaining "Solid and Reputable" relationships with its customers. With our high quality staff, we are able to serve your needs promptly. Most importantly, we appreciate and are proud of you, our customer. We look forward to serving you for many more years, and welcome any suggestions on how we can work more closely in the future.