A walk about at IDMA-Victam EMEA 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. The pandemic, the war and the weather all conspired to limit the number of visitors attending this year"s event which ran from March 10-12, 2022. However, those who took the trouble to attend were received with ample time for discussions and were able to acquire details in a relaxed environment. This year"s IDMA was co-located with Victam EMEA which brought out the feed milling equipment to complement the flour milling technology that this event is globally noted for. Take the tour of the exhibition hall and see for yourself how the flour milling and feed milling equipment complements each other and noting the same attention to detail is being applied to both. Don"t despair if you feel you have missed out as there will be a second Turkish milling event later in the year with MillTech taking place from September 15-18, 2022 in Istanbul Expo Centre as well.

Music - Credit: Bensound.com

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