Mr Tripop Boonmuan, president and CEO of the Maxtex Trading Group of Bangkok, Thailand, talks to Milling and Grain magazine about the value offered by wet milling of brown rice to provide flour for baking purposes that is likely to challenge the more traditional dry milling process.

Wet rice milling is the foundation of his companies rice flour milling platform that uses modern milling technologies and focuses on meeting consumer demand for 'wellness' products. Based on the use of pure water, micro-filtration processes in the drying process and recirculating to minimise waste water, this innovative process is small scale - with units ranging from 75kg to 250kg per hour - but provides a white, gluten-free flour for baking purposes that has a shelf life of 24 months without deterioration. A model of this unit was on display at Victam Asia 2022 which was held in early September 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. The full video can be viewed on our homepage or on MAGTV.

A full report from the co-located VIV Animal Health and Nutrition and Victam Asia 2022 expositions will be carried in our October edition along with reports from the four conferences hosted jointly by Perendale Publishers and the two event organisers.

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