September was a busy month for events and among them the hosting of the 2022 SPACE Expo in Rennes in France did not disappoint. Milling and Grain attended this year"s offering which experienced an almost capacity crowd os farmers and the agriculture supply industry came together for its annual gathering. The weather held and food accompanied by good dining supported the display of all things available to farmers and the industry"s service providers. This year saw the event host the feed industry in Hall 7 - there is a focus on feed manufacturing every second year at SPACE - which had found a more convenient place to exhibit.
Milling and Grain"s publisher Roger Gilbert took the opportunity to interview the organiser of SPACE, Ms Anne Marie Quemener, who explained why the international attendance was up compared to immediate past years with a focus on Middle East and Eastern Europe. She explains that SPACE is becoming a meeting point for agriculture from a wider European and North American regions.  The event also focused on aquaculture. This edition of Milling and Grain carries a report on SPACE in the Events Section and International Aquafeed will carry an additional report in its edition later this month.

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