Bringing the 32nd International Association of Operative Millers for Middle East and Africa (IAOM MEA) 2022 in Zanzibar, Tanzania and East Africa is a very important decision by the IAOM, says Mr Zeki Demirtasoglu, the General Director of Bastak Instruments company of Turkey.

He outlined the functioning of his company's most important instruments and says he provides 43 different laboratory instruments to 151 countries that now accounts for over 20,000 instruments working in the flour milling industry worldwide over the past 23 years.

He told Roger Gilbert, the publisher of Milling and Grain magazine, that from this range of equipment and especially in the final stages of production, analysing dough for its moisture content is very important in providing products vital to producing flours of the variety now being demanded everywhere.

Every product has a different specification, he says, and water absorption is so important in ensuring an economic return and for guaranteeing a standardised production. He says that in Africa everyday things are changing, and more and more are following international standards and technology. He says these companies will grow up together with equipment suppliers. Turkey is focusing on assisting Africa and African countries in the area of flour milling, he adds.

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