The Commercial Director of OMAS of Italy, Pietro Barbalarga, was interviewed by Roger Gilbert, the publisher of Milling and Grain magazine as part of the review of the exhibition area associated with this year's 32nd International Association of Operative Millers for Middle East and Africa (IAOM MEA) 2022 in Zanzibar, Tanzania in late October.

There were some 150 companies and 80 exhibition stands in the heat of this coastal city on the island of Zanzibar where temperatures were in the low to mid 30s. That did not stop companies such as OMAS promoting its 'second version' Leonardo milling unit to an audience that was receptive to newer technologies entering the East African market in particular.

The interface for the machine, for example, is being evaluated by an independent international committee of software technology as it demonstrates several advanced features that are not just applicable for the milling industry but for all software development. Not only saving on energy but also gaining more that 15kg of yield from wheat processed through a scrubbing process that removes the 'raincoat' protecting grains.

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