Business Development Manager Julian Hoping of GePro, Germany, talks to Roger Gilbert, the publisher of Milling and Grain magazine, about how poultry by-products contribute to the circular economy, sustainability, and reducing the impact on the environment during the 2022 EuroTier Exhibition, which was held over four-days in Hannover, Germany from November 15-18, 2022.

Since September 2021 the company has been authorised, via new European Regulation, to sell 100 percent of its poultry by-products into the pig nutrition sector. Poultry meal is the main product being sold but the full range of by-products are authorised, he says. Besides poultry meal the main products include meat-and-bone meal, feather meal, blood meal and protein meals for aquafeeds and salmon feeds in particular and speciality products such as liver meal for the petfood industry, plus a range of liquid fats.

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