Christoph Hutter, the sales director for Addcon"s Business Unit for Feed talks to Roger Gilbert, the publisher of Milling and Grain and International Petfood magazines, about this long-established German family company joining with the Italian Esseco Group during the 2022 EuroTier Exhibition, which was a four-day event held in Hannover, Germany from November 15-18, 2022.

Esseco, based in San Martino, Trecate near Milan in Italy is an industrial chemical group that has been creating technological innovation and improving production techniques of inorganic chemical products, such as high-quality sodium, ammonium and potassium derivatives, for global supply into a broad range of industries including water treatment, the feed and food and agriculture industries for almost a century. The partnership was set up just prior to the introduction of the Covid Pandemic towards the end of 2019, and this is one of the first opportunities Addcon has had to exhibit under its new partnership arrangement. Addcon will retain and enlarge its branding and customer base under the agreement.

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