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The issues surrounding the safe handling and storage of bulk materials at port and at sea will be examined during two online short courses; one looking at general safety issues, the other concentrating on the difficulties encountered when handling and transporting biomass materials.

8 - 11 March
Port and Terminal Operations for Bulk Cargoes - bulk materials handling and safety issues at ports and at sea

Subject areas covered include:
• Ship unloading technologies (Grabs vs CSUs, different CSU technologies)
• Conveying technologies (pneumatic vs belt)
• Storage and discharge technologies (silos, flat stores, stacking etc)
• Loading/unloading control (weighing, controlling ship bending etc)
• Rail and road outloading equipment and control
• Explosion and fire risks and management (ATEX, fire control and management)
• Mobile plant and safety
• Developments in automation and autonomous vehicles

22 - 26 March
Biomass Operations and Handling Technology - an overview of handling and storage issues with different biomass materials

Subjects areas covered include:
• Material types, flow properties and handling equipment requirements
• Self-heating, fire, explosion and safety
• Dust and degradation, pneumatic conveying and wear
• Explosion protection and ATEX regulations
• Engineering of equipment for storage and discharge
• Ship unloading
• Dust control and management

Who should attend?
Both courses are aimed at anyone working in ports or at sea who handles or is responsible for the safe transportation of bulk materials. This might include stevedores, operations supervisors, port managers, ships masters, port developers or cargo superintendents.

Bulk materials handling equipment suppliers, design consultants, maintenance personnel, managers and procurement executives are all recommended to attend to gain an understanding of the reasons for the varied behaviour of powders and particulate materials as they travel across the seas or are stored and transported from ports.

Both courses are delivered in association with ABTO: Association of Bulk Terminal Operators, and ABTO members will receive discounted fees.

For more information and to register visit the course website, HERE.

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