News for harvests in Ukraine has looked bleak, focusing on how the conflict has affected growing farmers, including mined fields, fuel shortages and stolen products. However, the Ukrainian Meterological Center has given a more positive forecast for this year's harvest, looking specifically at the weather conditions.

The forecast was delivered by head of the agrometeorology department of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, Tetyana Adamenko, during a briefing titled 'Results of the end of the sowing campaign in Ukraine during the war.' This took place on June 13, at the Media Center in Ukraine.

Drought often impacts harvest badly, and during February, March and most of April this year, saw a significant deficit in precipitation. On average, Ukraine received 60 to 70 percent of the norm of precipitation, and in some southern and western regions, less than half.

After recording droughts of varying intensity in the south of Ukraine and other regions, one June 13-14 the cold, atmospheric front will move from western regions to eastern.

"Weather conditions for the formation of winter cereals – spring barley, oats – today remain quite favourable. Although in recent days we have seen a wave of heat and consequently, more evaporation of moisture from the soil … its level remains insufficient," explains Tetyana Adamenko.

There'll be another atmospheric front on June 17-18, Ms Adamenko announced, and more rain in the West. The next heatwave is expected June 24-27, where daytime temperatures will reach approximately 30 to 34 degrees. For late crops such as soybeans, corn and sunflower, conditions are satisfactory.

It is too early to discuss the state of future harvests, short growing season and possibility of drought in the later half of summer, Ms Adamenko went on to say, but it would be less impactful than drought in June.

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