According to Ukrainian First Deputy Minister Tara Vysotskyi, Ukraine's wheat harvest is anticipated to be around 18 to 20 million tonnes, which equates to five times more than the domestic food demand.

The harvest – which includes wheat, buckwheat, corn, barley, oats, rye and other crops – will fully cover Ukraine's domestic consumption needs. He reported that for most crops there will be an export offer, as the food harvested will be more than needed.

"From the point of view of internal food security, even reduced cultivated areas are more than enough to provide Ukrainians with quality food," explains Mr Vyotskyi. "From the point of view of planted areas and the quality of crops, we do not expect a shortage."

Mr Vyotskyi addressed this on air of Edyny Novyni. Alongside the wheat harvest being approximately 18 to 20 million tonnes – five times more than what is required – more buckwheat has been sown than in previous years, meaning domestic market needs will be met and price will be equalised. The situation is similar with rye, oats and other crops, he said.

"According to the main groups of grains, production will be many times greater than consumption," he adds. "Therefore, thanks to the unblocking of the Black Sea ports, a significant part of the food will be able to be exported."

The first ship carrying grain embarked on August 1, 2022, as part of a landmark deal made between Ukraine and Russia which is expected to last 120 days and can be renewed if both nations agree. You can read about that, HERE.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Agrarian Policy's website, HERE.

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