The KSE Institute along with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy have reviewed total losses from the war in Ukraine and can reveal that the figure has reached US$5.4 billion. These losses come from the document titled 'Review of losses from the war in agriculture of Ukraine,' which was prepared by the Center for Food Research and Land Use KSE Institute, together with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

The largest losses recorded relate to the destruction or partial damage of agricultural land, totalling US$2.13 million. Two major types of damage were recorded: mine pollution and direct physical damage. The cost of surveying these lands while risking mine contamination is estimated to be around US$436 million.

Southern regions of Ukraine which are suffering Russian occupation and heavy fighting, are also the regions with the most developed irrigation infrastructure and have been damaged as a consequence. The cost of replacing and repairing is US$225 million.

In addition to direct damage of land, occupation, hostilities and mine pollution have limited farmers' access to fields and their opportunities to harvest. This has resulted in 2.4 million hectares of winter crops with a total value of US$1.43 billion.

Agricultural machinery and equipment have been damaged by way of shelling, air strikes and hostilities. There is evidence that Russia is deliberately destroying elevator capacity in order to weaken Ukraine's agricultural sector, the damage of which is estimated at US$272 million.

The value of dead farm animals is more than US$136 million. They have been killed not only from direct hostilities, but also by limited access to farms and the limited opportunities to purchase feed and provide veterinary care. Approximately 42,000 sheep and goats, 92,000 cattle, 258,000 pigs and more than 5.7 million poultry have been killed in the conflict.

For more information on the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine visit their website, HERE.

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