The newly created Milling Hall of Fame (MHoF) inducted its first industry starwarts on World Flour Day - March 20th, 2020.

The MHoF inducts individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of milling from an historical and/or modern perspective. This year, the inaugural induction sees two very different supporters take their places in the MHoF.

These two individuals have made considerable contributions to the understanding and appreciation of the role of the milling industries and its historical significance. Milling and Grain set up the MHoF and had the honour of inducting its first two members.

'This is a great privilege for the oldest magazine still serving millers worldwide to create the MHoF and prescribe its first two members,' says Publisher Roger Gilbert of Perendale Publishers Ltd.

'These are two very motivated and driven individuals who have and continue to have significant impact on our understanding of milling and the role it plays in society.'

In future, an independent committee will consider new members from milling industry submissions on World Flour Day each year. Milling and Grain is working with the UK's Mills Archive to house the MHoF and to give guidance in the longer term development of the hall itself.

Rex Wailes

Rex Wailes OBE- Recording our milling history
Rex Wailes was born in 1901 in Middlesex, England. After leaving school he became an apprentice engineer and joined the family firm George Wailes & Co in 1924. He stayed there until his retirement, taking over as manager in 1940.

In 1923 the Newcomen Society asked Rex to record the windmills in Lincolnshire. By 1929 he was technical adviser to the new Windmill Section of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). He became the leading British authority on mills and the driving force behind the windmill rescue and repair movement.

His collection, now in the care of the Mills Archive, is a time capsule of photographs, glass plates, large technical drawings, notes and correspondence. It immortalises these fascinating structures, the development of the windmill protection and repair movement, the people involved and the landscape that they shaped.

In 1963 he was appointed as the lead consultant in the UK Government's survey of all industrial monuments to identify historical sites worthy of preservation. In his valedictory lecture he advocated a specialist archive for mill drawings and photographs, emphasising the need for proper indexing and storage in suitable conditions. Exactly half-a-century later the Mills Archive became a nationally accredited repository.

Volkmar Wywiol

Volkmar Wywiol - From flour standardisation to FlourWorld
Museum and World Flour Day Volkmar Wywiol is founder of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, which specialises in food and feed ingredients and has 12 specialist German companies and 17 foreign subsidiaries with over 100 scientists, technologists, technicians and industry experts.

Mühlenchemie is an important part of the group. It has specialised in flour standardisation and improvement for almost 100 years. The Alphamalt enzyme is the world's most used enzyme preparation for improving baking quality. Each year 100 million tonnes of flour are improved using Mühlenchemie ingredients.

Mr Wywiol found a flour sack washed up on the beach in Dubai 20 years ago, which led to the creation of the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg, Germany. It was developed as an homage to the millers for our daily flour and is the only museum of its kind. The logos of over 3500 flour sacks from over 140 countries show traditions, tell stories and myths around milling, and are works of art that portray the strength of grain.

This collection of 'art on the sack' is a world sensation and the keeper of a milling culture that will soon no longer exist in this beauty and expressiveness. Every year 400-500 millers from all parts of the world along with thousands of area visitors and school children visit the museum. Mr Wywiol is also credited with establishing World Flour Day!

Visit the Milling Hall of Fame website, HERE.

Mühlenchemie'S PROFILE

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