The Ordinary General Assembly of the Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation (TUSAF) was held on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at the Federation Center in Ankara. The 2019-2022 Term Chairman of the TUSAF Board of Directors, Dr Eren Günhan Ulusoy, made evaluations to the General Assembly participants on the activities of the period and sectoral expectations from the new board of directors.

Delegates from all associations, including eight Association Chairmen, attended the meeting. Haluk Tezcan, Chairman of the Aegean Flour Industrialists' Association (EUSD), was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the 2022-2025 Term of the Turkish Flour Industrialists' Federation. Mehmet Mesut Çakmak, Bekir Tosun and Hüseyin Emre Tekbaş were elected as the Vice Presidents, Alp Eskiyapan was elected as the Accountant Member and Veysi Duyan was elected as the Secretary Member. Bekir Bağış, Onur Denizli, Burhan İlhan, Murad Bertan, Mustafa Özmermer, Kamil Adem, Mustafa Hikmet Kazancı, Ahmet Ergin Okandeniz, Turhan Göksu and Osman Nuri Hekimoğlu, were the board members that were also in attendance.

TUSAF's last and new term Chairmen of the Board of Directors, Dr Eren Günhan Ulusoy and Mr Haluk Tezcan, expressed their best wishes at the General Assembly meeting.

For more information about TUSAF visit the website, HERE.

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