Making a statement on a private television channel, Turkish Grain Board TMO General Manager Ahmet Güldal stated that in Turkey the factories are working, the production is continuing and that sufficient raw materials are available and the stocks are sufficient.

Sharing the information that there are around 150 sales points, Mr Güldal stated that the sales continue both wholesale and retail and that the products are given at affordable prices.

Mr Güldal said that TMO has 81 years of experience and protects both producers and consumers and that they can make fast and appropriate decisions with this experience. He stated that the demand has increased slightly due to the COVID 19 problem, but TMO already has additional stock for extraordinary situations such as war, earthquake, and disaster, and reminded that the harvest period will begin in 2 - 2.5 months.

Mr Güldal also added that Turkey is feeding its 82 million population, as well as welcomes 35 - 40 million tourists and export agricultural products with the value of 18 billion dollars.

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