The Dutch feed & food production specialist Triott - which includes brands like Ottevanger Milling Engineers, PTN, TSC, Inteqnion, etc – launched an innovative new communication channel on May 19th, called Feed Forward.

Taking the form of an interactive video-magazine style 'webazine', Feed Forward aims to fill the communications void left by COVID-19 (and the subsequent cancellation of industry events both large and small) by bringing industry players together each month to debate a single, industry challenge.

Entitled, 'Say goodbye to sieve analysis?', the first episode came from Ottevanger, and was broadcast at 11am CET on May 19th. It focussed on new techniques for improving feed quality – and specifically the consistency of particle size distribution. In addition to featuring Ottevanger team members, it includes an extended interview with leading customer De Heus Animal Nutrition, which is successfully piloting a novel Ottevanger solution called GrainCam.

The GrainCam is a digital measurement tool that automatically gathers data on kernel size distribution and displays it instantly for the operator – thus enabling feed mills to react immediately to any quality control issues in production and gain greater control of product quality and consistency. It has been developed in partnership with the vision & robotics solutions specialist, TechNature.

Feed Forward looks into this technology with Gijs Spruijt, plant manager of De Heus in Nijkerk (NL), who goes on to explain how: 'Instead of manually checking our feed using sieve analysis every 30 ton, we are now automatically checking the feed 30 to 40 times every 30 tonnes.'

Future planned episodes will continue the video-magazine format, covering a broad range of feed industry issues, including storage and silo management; heat treatment of feed; ATEX certification; and various milling tools and techniques that help drive quality and cost reduction.

Triott Director Erik Ottevanger notes, 'The idea behind Feed Forward is to offer a new way of bringing the industry together and – as the name suggests – looking forward to new ways for feed mills to stay competitive in these challenging times. We wanted to create something that was informative and practical in tackling industry topics, while also being entertaining.'

Perhaps most importantly, Feed Forward is interactive. Participants can ask questions and submit comments during the show and download a written Digest of each episode's contents afterwards.

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