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Anpario's Mastercube is designed to improve the efficiency of the whole milling process and maximise pellet quality.

By improving the pelleting process the feed mill can benefit from increased throughput, reduced wear and tear on equipment and a reduction in process losses.

Mastercube is a low inclusion product which aids the formulation process by releasing nutritional space.

Whilst there are many products that can improve pellet quality, some do this at the risk of diluting the nutritional capacity of the feed or causing a slow throughput through the mill. Mastercube is able to reduce energy costs in the pelleting process and improve pellet quality providing a valuable tool for feed manufacturers.

Improved pellet quality and reduced fines can benefit animal performance and livestock uniformity by decreasing ingredient and nutrient segregation during transportation and through feed auger systems.

Anpario conducted an independent trial reviewing energy requirements for pelleting and pellet quality for compounded feed. Pelleting temperatures were maintained across treatments at 85°C and 90°C and pellet improver products were included at their recommended levels.

Electrical energy usage requirements were reduced by 11 percent at the press when Mastercube was added for each press temperature. Fines at the cooler were also reduced by up to 48 percent when Mastercube was used compared with the control.


This minimises 'returns' and increases throughput, thereby saving power and processing time, ultimately improving mill efficiency. Pellet durability was improved at the packing line with Mastercube, even when pelleting temperature was elevated. This reduces losses in handling and transport and also improves voluntary feed intakes of livestock it is offered to. Mastercube proved more effective than the synthetic gum at almost half the level of inclusion.

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