This book considers the practical implications and implementation of a Total Nutrition programme, designed to respond to the modern issues of sustainability, animal health, high quality food production, environmental concerns and reduced use of antibiotics.

In many countries there is now great resistance to the widespread use of antibiotic growth promoters and of other pharmaceutical products in raising animals for food. Unfortunately, there is frequently little appreciation by the population at large and by the media of the challenges this poses to the production of large volumes of low cost food of animal origin.

The concept of 'Total Nutrition' outlined in the book, may help to meet these challenges where health maintenance, disease avoidance and general nutrition are seen as requirements of animal diets today. This requires the consideration of both the nutrient levels of feeds and other bio-active components, known as nutricines. Initial results suggest that by judicious use of a range of nutricines, it will be possible to achieve both good health status of animals and good growth performance using feed formulations and ingredients that satisfy modern legislative and consumer demands.

This book is a must read for people who are interested in a Total Nutrition approach to food production, such as nutritionists and students.

The book discusses topics such as feed quality and hygiene, immune system and defence, public health, ethical issues, and much more.

For more information about the book visit the website, HERE.

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