After the brilliant success of GRAPAS 2019, Milling and Grain magazine are once again hosting the GRAPAS Innovations Awards and the GRAPAS Conference at VICTAM Asia and Health and Nutrition Asia.

Taking place on March 24th, 2020, the conference will feature 10-minute presentations from each applicant in the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, discussing what makes their products so special and what they bring to the flour, pasta and rice processing industry. At the end of the conference, Milling and Grain will also announce the winner(s) of the awards and hand out the coveted GRAPAS trophy!

Now the 2020 GRAPAS Innovations Awards applications are open, and Milling and Grain are welcome applications from companies with brilliant solutions for the food industry.


Apply now, applications close on January 1st!

We are thrilled to already have three applications fro Henry Simon, Yenar and Wingmen Group.

Also speaking at the conference are flour improvement company Mühlenchemie, about the recently-established initiative World Flour Day.

We are welcoming entries into the innovations awards that are worthy competitors that service the flour, rice and pasta processing industries.



1. Products must service the food industry, not the feed industry. (They can service both, but we do not accept applications that are only applicable to feed milling).

2. Products cannot be entered into the awards if they have been entered into the GRAPAS Innovations Awards in the past

3. Products must have been introduced to the market no earlier than in January 2018

4. A member of your company must be available on March 24thto give a presentation at the GRAPAS Conference at VICTAM Asia and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia in Bangkok about your product and why it is worthy of winning the GRAPAS Innovations Awards.



For enquiries please contact:

Rebecca Sherratt


Tel: +44 1242 267700

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