With the rising awareness of food safety and environmental protection in recent years, agriculture, livestock and breeding industries are looking for a sustainable balance between development and ecology.

This year's "Taiwan Smart AgriWeek 2021", with the theme of "Go Smart & Grow Together", showcases smart innovation, productivity enhancement and sustainable solutions for environmental protection. As one of Taiwan's most significant smart livestock exhibitions, they have gathered over 1000 innovative agricultural products in eight countries.

Among the exhibitors, there are many industry benchmark companies, such as: Agritalk (5G for Smart Farms),Lagoon International (Aquaponics), Geosat Aerospace & Tech (AI drones for precise spraying), Efarm Global Agri Tech (Mobile plant factory, no additive organic farming one-stop), Jeh-Chow Information (Black Soldier Fly Smart Farm), Innovation Foremost Asia (AIoT Aquaculture System), Next E-commerce Technology (AIoT &Blockchain Integration Service), King's Ground Biotech (NGP Functional Additions), Bioyo Biotech (microbial fertilisers for plants, livestock, poultry), Rotam Biotechnology (Phytochemicals for Animal Use), Phansco (Pesticide Quick Inspection), Utualpak (RFID ear tag for livestock), TW-3E (Intelligent labelling system), Skyeyes Gps (Intelligent Transport), Union Market(Intelligent Cold Chain Management), and other exclusive R&D exhibits and technologies are available for in-depth understanding in TSA online/offline exhibition.

During the exhibition, they will host various conferences in cooperation with industry, government, academia, and research institutes: the Smart Agriculture Forum, jointly organised by the Institute of Agricultural Research and Taiwan Economic Research Institute, will promote the ecosystem of smart x agriculture industry chain. In addition, King's Ground will host the "Animal Precision Nutrition Forum", the Cold Chain Association will host the "Cold Chain Logistics International Forum and Media Fair", and co-host the "IPM + Smart Agriculture: Application of Smart Agriculture in Integrated Crop Pest and Disease Management" with the Taiwan Society of Agricultural Technology and Resource Management.

Under this challenging circumstance, visitors can also visit the exhibition online. The virtual booths will run 24x7 from December 2 - 31 to let visitors connect with Taiwan and the world without travelling.

To register for the event visit the website, HERE.

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