The importance of wheat is summarised by the Ukrainians' flag - "blue sky above yellow fields of wheat'

Jamal Al-Hazza, an influential pioneer in the Middle Eastern milling industry, has been inducted into the Milling Hall of Fame today World Flour Day 2022.

Mr Jamal Al-Hazaa's impact in the world has been remarkable. Born in 1962 he commenced in milling at an early age by functioning in various departments of the flour mill founded in 1942 by his father, Sharif Al-Hazaa. Today his title reflects his commitment to the milling industry - he is the Food Security Contributor at his company the Al-Hazaa Investment Group in the Middle East.

Since 1979, Jamal has been leading his family business, and despite the region's instability, he has steered the transformation of one local mill business into a regional business of 13 flour mills and seven factories operating in the milling space.

As a social entrepreneur, his significant transformation has made the Al-Hazza Group a vital contributor in bolstering and consolidating food security and nutrition in the Middle East, a contribution aiming to the full realisation of a fundamental human right in having adequate, stable and accessible food to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. Jamal is also an active contributor in tackling another public concern, environmental health and believes that businesses can empower a positive change; for example a PV plant was established in Jordan to cover nine factories' energy consumption from clean resources instead of an ongoing reliance on fossil fuels.

Mr Al-Hazaa says, 'I am deeply honoured to receive this recognition from experts in the grain milling field, which prizes our efforts over the past eight decades in preserving our heritage in the milling profession that is inherited from my father, Haj Sharif Al-Hazaa.

'I am proud of my profession as a miller, in particular a wheat miller, because of its moral value to me, a value derived from the essential role we play as millers in human life by supplying and sustaining a key staple food, which has been consumed since before human civilisation and has also been crucial to the development of farming and human civilisation.

'I always say that the importance of the wheat can be summarised by the Ukrainians' conception of their flag "blue sky above yellow fields of wheat.'

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