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The GRAPAS Innovations Conference is rapidly approaching on March 24th, 2020 and Milling and Grain magazine are very pleased to announce that we have a wide range of brilliant innovations this year that have been entered into the awards.

As our readers have no doubt seen in my monthly columns, the GRAPAS Innovations Awards have been receiving applications for the past few months. We have been on the hunt once again to discover the best solutions for the flour, rice and pasta-processing industry. Our readers and advertisers have been urged to enter their milling solutions into the awards, for a chance to present them at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference at VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

At the end of the GRAPAS Innovations Conference, we will announce the winner(s) of the coveted GRAPAS trophy.

Roger Gilbert, Publisher of Milling and Grain magazine says, "the Innovations Awards aim to celebrate all that is great about this wonderful industry we work in. There have been some incredible innovations across the industry during the past 12 months and we look forward to discovering more about them at the GRAPAS Conference".

Our shortlisted applicants

This year we are very proud to have received applications from all across the world, ranging from China, Germany, USA and Turkey, to name but a few. Each solution brings something unique and special to the industry and certainly lives up to the title as an innovation for milling across the ages.

1: Henry Simon's HSPU Purifier

The HSPU Purifier brings the advantages of a new design and technology together for higher efficiency in semolina purification and classification processes. The purifier stands out with its new look, and improved ergonomics and functionality for its users. The design work of machine has been carried out carefully in partnership with Italdesign Company.

As well as its exterior design, the purifier distinguishes itself from others of its kind with five special sensors it uniquely brings to the sector: Human detection sensor, ambient sensors, vibration sensors, motor load sensors and a digital manometer.

2: Wingmen Group's Termico Silo THT

The Termico Silo THT is a completely new technology for heat treatment application for pest control in flour or grain silos. With the Termico Silo THT, traditional fumigation with poison can be 100 percent replaced.

Compared to traditional silo fumigation, the Silo THT has a variety of advantages, including the fact that it is a 100 percent poison-free solution with no risk of product contamination, no safety risk for employees and no permit of authorities needed.

3: Yenar's rollCare Profile Measurement Device

First released on the market in October 2019 at IAOM SEA Jakarta, Yenar's rollCare Profile Measurement Device is a solution designed to optimise use of rolls in the mill.

The rollCare Profile Measurement Device is the only one device designed using laser technology in the world that is able to check roll profiles while fluting and also in the mills.

After measurement, this device allows users to compare stats by overlapping automatically the measured profile and the theoretical one and providing users with the deviations. With rollCare, users can easily determine the optimal time required to re-flute their rolls.

4: Dinnissen's Hamex Fully Automatic Screen Exchange Hammermill

Much progress has been made on many fronts with Dinnissen's new Hamex® Fully Automatic Hammer Mill. The method used to produce this machine has been automated and modernised even more compared to previous models, which has considerably reduced the machine's total price.

The Hamex® Hammer Mill has large inspection hatches that offer fast and easy access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the relevant components. These many advantages together make an essential contribution to further reducing the eventual product cost price.

5: Henan Jingu Industry Development Co's QINPAC Bagging Machine

The 2019 QINPAC is the first generation of QINPAC to serve as a fully automatic bagging machine, suitable for use with up 25kg flour bags. QINPAC is the perfect solution to complement traditional carousel bagging systems and to liberate operators from having to carry out heavy working operations such as bagging, sewing, labelling, etc. thanks to its automatic functions.

The open-mouth bagger also features microgripping technology to keep the seals functional, easy to use and resilient. The compact size of the solution means that the machine can be installed in any existing production area easily.

6: Brabender's Production Process System for Lentil and Wheat-based Snacks

This system is a range of Brabender products, consisting of:

  • The Brabender Break Mill SM 4
  • The Moisture Tester MT-CA
  • The Farinograph
  • The ViscoQuick
  • The TwinLab-C 20/40 Extruder

By means of several Brabender instruments involved, the production of a snack product based on a lentil/wheat flour formulation can be simulated on a laboratory scale. Hence, the set-up can be used for R&D as well as for product development.

7: Eye-Grain's Temperature and Moisture Reader

The measurement of grain moisture is a very important indicator of the overall grain status and quality. When measuring grain moisture, previously a sample had to be analysed in a laboratory. With this invention, users can save time by simply inserting the lance into the grain and taking the readings with the handheld reader.

In 2019, iGRAIN has developed and finalised the world's first handheld device that reads both temperature and grain moisture at the same time inside silos or other forms of grain storage without removing samples or the need for an advanced PC system. The data can be easily transferred to the PC for further analysis and trend curves.

8: FrigorTec GmbH's GRANIFRIGOR Control-Logic

With the new controller for the GRANIFRIGOR grain cooling unit, only three simple parameters need to be set: grain type, storage type, grain moisture. The controller then selects the correct setting values completely automatically. Additional measurement technology is not required in the storage facility. This saves time and money and safeguards against incorrect settings. Furthermore, a store worker can easily operate the device with little training.

Up to now, the chilled air temperature and the reheating were set to ensure the grain was not exposed to excessively moist air. The grain type and storage facility were only considered when the silo supervisor had the proper know-how. Incorrect settings could therefore not be ruled out.

9: Petkus' M12 Roeber Cleaner

The new Petkus M12 Cleaner raises the bar for what a seed and grain cleaner should be. With their customers' input, they have created the most advanced air screen cleaner on the market. The M12 Roeber offers a completely new added value with intelligent assistance systems and was introduced to the market in January 2019.

The screen cleaner is a traditional, proven principle and was already developed in the 19th century by Petkus founder Röber. The main purpose of screen cleaning is to sort the raw material according to size.

All of these brilliant innovations will get their chance to convince members of the milling industry why their solution is deserving of winning the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, during their presentations at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference on March 24th.

This one-day conference at VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia will showcase the best in milling technologies from the past year and serve as a platform for companies to highlight how their machinery helps millers with their everyday tasks.

The GRAPAS Innovations Conference was a great success in 2019, with three winners crowned: Petkus' OptoSelector 901t, Selis' DAPS System and Bühler's LumoVision solution. Balaguer Rolls also took home the runner-up prize with their OptoSelector 2.0, and not to forget our other brilliant applications such as Eye-Grain's iGrain-HACPP-App, Brabender's FarinoAdd-S300, Dinnissen's Pegasus Wingdoor Mixer, Ocrim's Titanium Rollers and Bühler's Moisture Pro, GrainiGo and NOVABLUE, to name but a few.

A focus on World Flour Day and milling technology ever evolving

We are also very proud this year to have a line-up of three very special keynote speakers, who will each be discussing their own unique thoughts and experiences in the milling industry.

Mr Norman Loop of the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenberg, Germany will be joining us at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference, discussing the FlourWorld Museum's new initiative: World Flour Day. This new initiative, taking place annually on March 20th, is a day for members of the sector, as well as the general public, to come together and appreciate flour and everything this offers to the world- the white gold of life, as the FlourWorld Museum so eloquently describe it.

Also joining us as a keynote speaker is Mr Bobby Ariyano, Senior Vice-President of Manufacturing for Bogasari Flour Mills in Indonesia. Founded in 1969, Bogasari Flour Mills are one the most influential milling companies in Asia. Experts in flour and pasta production, Mr Ariyanto will be discussing his own experiences in the milling industry and how technology has evolved over time to benefit millers.

Last, but certainly not least, joining us will be Professor Li Dongsen, Deputy Secretary General of the China Wheat Milling Association, as well as a professor at Henan University of Technology, China. Professor Dongsen has been a professor of food technology since 1982 and is an expert in grain processing. He has always held the food production industry every close to his heart and even after his retirement in 2017 continues to pursue his career in grain production.

Join us for the GRAPAS Innovations Conference!

March 24th, 2020 is the day to add to your diary to join us at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference at VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia. Nutritionists, academia, millers and mill managers are strongly recommended to attend to discover the best in flour processing innovations.

Tickets to attend the conference are US $99. You can register for the conference via the official VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia website.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Sherratt

The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards

We are also once again hosting The Animal Feed and Nutrition Awards, as part of VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia. These awards are given to the most innovative feed processing and nutrition solutions that benefit the market.

At VICTAM International 2019, we were very happy to crown three winners of the awards: Geelen Counterflow's Electrical dryer, Van Aarsen's Hot Start Seam Mixer and Famsun's SWFL1700 Vertical Pulveriser.

This year we have five great shortlisted entries into the awards:

Famsun's PTZL5000 Vacuum Coater

The PTZL5000 Vacuum Coater's effective volume is 5000 litres, and the height of the solution is 5.6 metres. The capacity of the coater is 1500kg-per-batch. The coating period takes approximately just 270 seconds and the maximum capacity of the solution is 20 tonnes-per-hour, so the PTZL5000 is currently the biggest vacuum coater in the world.

DSAND Animal Nutrition's ProEase

Proease is was introduced onto the market after a variety of field trials and institutional research work regarding identified protease enzymes. Proease is an ultra-filtrated purified cysteine protease enzyme which breaks down different varieties of protein and poly peptides. It is the only identified protease able to act effectively when subject to a wide range of pH levels and remains stable up to 90 degrees centigrade.

PLP Liquid Systems' Cardesa

Cardesa is an automatic system for the manual dosing for micro-powder components. The system is used for the semi-automatic compilation of recipes. In feed mills, very often a large number of powder ingredients are used, which are added in small quantities and for this, sometimes, it's not convenient to use automatic dosing systems.

The Cardesa systems allow the products to be stored all in a single space, which is customised according to customer needs. The operator, through a control panel placed on the machine, will be able to automatically call the product requested by the formula.

DSAND Animal Nutrition's GrowEase

Growease is a unique combination of hydrolysed proteins with enzymes contains high levels of all the essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids. The solution also contains omega-3 fatty acids to aid a wide variety of essential bodily functions. The solution contains a minimum of 20 percent hydrolysed proteins and a up to one percent omega-3 fatty acids.

Agentis Innovations' M007 Cooler

Nearly all coolers are controlled manually based upon a number of basic measurements such as level of pellets inside the cooler and the temperature differential between the pellets at discharge and ambient air. Agentis Innovations have designed a complete automated control system for a cooler which discharges the feed based on a number of parameters including temperature and moisture. To the best of our knowledge, there is no other system in the market that is similar to M007 Cooler.

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