byRebecca Sherratt, Production editor, Milling & Grain


The GRAPAS Innovations Awards have now reached their deadline, and we have a brilliant set of applicants from companies such as Bühler, BruksSiwertell, Brabender, Selis, Balaguer Rolls, Dinnissen and many more.

Their innovations are all brilliant examples of how the food technology industry is accelerating and improving at such a rapid pace and Milling & Grain magazine are thoroughly looking forward to hosting the GRAPAS Conference at VICTAM International, where each of these innovations will be showcased to the public.

The GRAPAS Conference will take place on June 13th and is a one-day conference for the food processing industry. The winners of the GRAPAS Innovations Awards will be announced as well as a variety of professional speaker within the food industry giving talks about the evolution of food technology over the past centuries.

We are very proud to feature George Marriage, President of the National Association of British and Irish Millers (nabim) and owner of Marriage's Millers as keynote speaker for the conference. In addition, we are also very pleased to play host to Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust, an international organisation dedicated to preserving crops for future generations to come, in the event of any natural or man-made disasters.

Each of our entries into the awards will also no doubt have thrilling talks to give to us about why their product deserves the title of the best innovation for 2019 in flour, rice and pasta processing technology.

We thoroughly recommend everyone involved in food processing to join us at the GRAPAS Conference- our conference is the only one of its kind that recognises and awards food processing technology in such a detailed and dedicated manner, and ensures to pay respects to our history and advancements we have made in food technology, as well as looking forward towards future innovations we have yet to discover.

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