In this month's issue, we feature an article by Milling & Grain's Group President, Darren Parris, concerning his recent trip to Turkey to visit one of the premium pasta exporters in the world; Nuh'un Ankara Makarnasi.


This powerhouse company provide an amazing 15,000 tonnes of pasta per month and none of it is handled by human hands- their operations completely carried out by Bühler machinery.

Unknown to many people, Turkey are actually the second most popular country in the world, in terms of pasta production. They are second only to Italy and their pasta is widely exported worldwide.

Studies remark that the pasta market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 2.4 percent up until 2023, a very impressive rate even for such a staple food. Indeed, the revenue pasta brings into the world has only continued to dramatically increase every year without fail since the mid-twentieth century. Its popularity cannot be questioned, and many a home eats pasta at least once a week in many countries such as Italy, Turkey and the UK.

One primary reason for the growing popularity in pasta, according to the International Pasta Organisation (IPO) is due to a consumer shift in attitudes towards healthy eating and wellness.

'Consumers are rediscovering the modern benefits of traditional pasta,' said Paolo Barilla, President of the IPO. 'Pasta is increasingly appreciated and valued around the world as the centre of a delicious meal with good nutrition. It is also accessible, respectful of the planet, and brings people together joyfully.'

The various varieties of pasta and its availability in many forms, such as organic, gluten-free and whole wheat renditions, enable those who are especially interested in healthy eating to embrace pasta wholeheartedly. Its ease of use also enables those health-conscious of us to create a wide variety of meals out of it, whilst also at a respectable and competitive price.

Whatever the reason may be, pasta will no doubt continue to find its way onto many of our plates and be wholeheartedly embraced as one of the staple foods that brings us the most benefits.

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