In this month's issue, we have a very intriguing article which provides readers with some fascinating insight into Mühlenchemie'sFlourWorld Museum. The museum serves as a true marvel and provides real insight into the complex history of flour, and where it originated from.

Mühlenchemie'sFlourWorld Museum tells the humble story of 10,000 years ago, when man first learnt how to breed new grasses and crops from the seeds of a wild plant. 4,000 years later, the museum tells us of humanity's discovery of crushing between simple grindstones. Following this, innovations by the Egyptians helped us learn more about fermentation, and the innovations of the Romans that first ground corn on cone mills.

Milling machinery and technology has undeniably changed a great deal in the past centuries, and only continues to innovate and improve. Who knows what the future will hold for milling technology?

For those who want to see and learn more about milling technology and future innovations, then the GRAPAS Conference, taking place at Victam International this June will prove to be a must-attend affair. The conference, held every year at Victam, is always a resounding success, and specialises in showcasing the latest innovations in flour, rice and pasta technologies.

The conference features a variety of technology specialists from international backgrounds, including Marie Haga, Executive Director of the Crop Trust, an international organisation that aims to preserve crops in genebanks, to ensure we still have access to these wonderful crops many years in the future. MsHaga will be discussing this in more detail at the conference, and it will no doubt be a very interesting and unique speech.

George Marriage, President of NABIM, will also be speaking about the evolution of milling technology, and where technology is destined to go in the future.

The GRAPAS Conference will also showcase the GRAPAS Innovations Awards, where the best in food technology machinery will be judged, and then the winner of these coveted awards announced by international industry expert judges.

The event is proving especially popular this year.

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