Taiwan's only professional integrated trade show tailored for agriculture, aquaculture and livestock technology, "Taiwan SMART Agriweek 2021," successfully ended on December 4. With the theme of "Go Smart | Grow Together!", exhibitors from nine other countries, including Israel, China, India, the United States, Spain, Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom, join hands with leading local exhibitors to promote agricultural transformation in these three days.

There were over 1000 innovative agricultural products in the show, revealing the bright future of Taiwan's agriculture. Last but not least, business opportunities were all around. 73 one-on-one O2O business meetings in which buyers came from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Israel etc... The annual procurement was estimated at US$36.32 million.

Fearless in the face of the pandemic, young farmers from the agriculture, fishery and livestock industry came to visit successively. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 11,000 professionals to visit. The actual transaction on the spot was nearly 10 million Taiwan dollars.

Although the physical exhibition closed on the 4th (Saturday), Taiwan Smart Agriweek will continue online until December 31 (Friday). With the help of the Internet, there is no limitation of the time difference and border control brought by the epidemic to let buyers and sellers keep connected.

There are several exhibitors you cannot miss on the online exhibition. The "Poultry House Robot" invented by Yilan University, equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, can instantly report the health status of chickens. The liquid fertiliser and plant protection materials from GROUP GAIN BIO-AGRI CO., LTD.'s can also help farmers transform more organically.

ELITAR ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. has established a dairy cow body database to monitor cow's health status and notify feeders through device-side alarms, central control-side alarms, and even mobile phone alarms if anything happens. Their schedule control and non-toxic pest organisms also help to provide accurate farmland information to the farmer for a more precise implementation.

As of now, more than 1,300 people from 35 countries have visited the online exhibition.

Visit Taiwan Smart Agriweek 2021 online for free, HERE

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