Symaga strengthens its growth rate by expanding its export destinations and consolidating itself as a reference company in storage projects worldwide. Such projects include Ridley in Australia, Skeena in Canada, Bakhresa in Tanzania and EMC2 in France.

Bendigo is the location of one of Symaga's strategic references for this year. The project of a new feed factory for Ridley, one of Australia's largest feed manufacturers, which has 18 feed plants throughout the eastern states.

Symaga's customer LGPM has requested 34 hopper silos to achieve a capacity of 12077m3 in the second plant that the Australian company builds in Bendigo.

Another satisfactory project is Skeena Bioenergy in British Columbia, which brings about the first project in Canada for Symaga silos. This two hopper silos installation marks a commercial milestone for Symaga, the first step for Symaga's North American business expansion.

Bakhresa, one of Tanzania's top food groups, is now expanding its storage capacity at Dar es Salaam facilities. The project, entrusted to Symaga, includes three silos of 200 tonnes for corn storage.

Bakhresa, owned by Tanzanian businessman Said Salim Bakhresa, has operations in several African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe and in South Africa, as well as Tanzania.

For Symaga, with projects in more than 140 countries, opening to new markets like North America or Australia is key in the company's business strategy, but so is consolidating growth in markets where penetration began only a few years ago, as is the case in some African countries.

They are proud of their long-term business relationships with key partners, these new ventures come as an endorsement of Symaga's constant product quality and service over time. This is one of the reason behind French cooperative FAO's trust in Symaga for a new storage project with 3000 tonnes total capacity.

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