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Symaga Silos have recently announced that from September 2020 they will offer silos made with HX500 LAD structural steel with a yield strength of 500 N/mm2, increasing resistance by 45 percent. Symaga's steel quality improvement project is initially focused on stiffeners, helping to support a silo's vertical load.

As Part of the Quality Improvement Plant , Symaga have also made strides to supply preassembled bolting, giving their customers an easier and faster assembly.

According to Symaga these initiatives have come as a result of a customer's needs survey towards Desing Thinking performance improvement. Symaga welcome the input of their customers ahead of their 2020 Product Development Plan, which will highlight Symaga's continued I + D + I efforts to get optimised storage solutions for partners. 

Visit the Symaga Silos website, HERE.

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