David Nickell Vice President Sustainability & Business Solutions DSM Animal Nutrition and Health recently joined Roger Gilbert, publisher of Milling and Grain magazine, in the Rongorongo Live video studio to discuss sustainability in the protein food chain.

Mr Nickell follows up on his attendance at COP26 to discuss outcomes and how his company has initiated a programme called 'We make it possible' to assist all sectors within the protein food chain to address issues surrounding carbon emissions. See our COP26 report relating to milling, and feed milling in particular, in the December edition of Milling and Grain magazine which also carries the first of a two-part feature on antibiotic resistance in the food chain (https://store.magstand.com/millingandgrain). The edition is online and in print from today - Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

Click here to watch the interview with David Nickell.

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