by Bobby Ariyanto, Senior VP Manufacturing, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur, Bogasari Flour Mills Division


What is the meaning of sustainability or the definition of sustainability? The saying calls back to a native American proverb, ' We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children'. Sustainability is the long term maintenance of well being or improving the quality of human life, whilst both living within the carrying capacity of and supporting the eco-system.

The United Nations' Industrial Development Organisation's (UNIDO) vision to address today's economic, social and environmental challenges is enshrined in the Lima Declaration, which was adopted by UNIDO member states in December 2013.

On this basis, the organisation pursues inclusive and sustainable industrial development to harness the industry's full potential to contribute to lasting prosperity for all. The mandate is based on the recognition by member states that poverty eradication 'can only be achieved through strong, inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic and industrial growth, and the effective integration of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.'

PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, Bogasari Flour Mills Division, as the largest flour milling company in Indonesia, is committed to implementing Sustainable Development Goals to help people ensure the future of our planet Earth. To achieve these Sustainable Development Goals, Bogasari Flour Mills continues to focus on implementing several programs related to environmental issues, energy issues, employee safety, as well as relations with the community surrounding our factories.

Environmental Issues

Our Company is committed to implementing an environmental management system in the company through adopting ISO 14001 as a reference for the application of environmental management systems. One of the programs recently carried out is the implementation of water conservation programs to reduce the use of ground water, one solutions for this involving establishing rainfed reservoirs and using biopore as a groundwater catchment solution. In addition, a tree planting program in the factory area, and Mangrove seedlings cultivation in the coastal area, are carried out to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases produced. The use of plastic for packaging products is also a significant concern in the aim to utilise eco-friendly packaging. Six years ago, Bogasari began to implement biodegradable packaging for 25kg products, when 25kg packages of flour became the most popular option within Indonesia.

Energy issues

We are also committed to implementing an energy management system to create an energy efficient culture for every aspect of the workplace. New technology implementation is also carried out by replacing inefficient motors with high–efficiency motors. Bogasari have already received an ISO 50001 Certificate as a company that has implemented an effective energy management system.

Community development, corporate social responsibility

The Community Empowerment Program has been implemented by Bogasari to improve the welfare of people living in proximity to our factory. One recent addition implemented is the establishment of Child Friendly Integrated Public Spaces (RPTRA) in several areas.

The Trash Bank Program also minimises waste pollution and empowers the community. In addition, the community service program has been carried out, ensuring the healthy nutrition and diets supplied to children living in proximity to our factory.

With the aim of improving our nations nutrition, since 2003, Bogasari have pioneered new vitamin and mineral fortifications for wheat flour in Indonesia. This program is an example of great success within food fortification that has been recognised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

We hope, during our keynote speech at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference this month, we can be reminded again of the need for development in milling technology (for flour, rice as well as other cereals). Utilising proper production processes and services are not only more efficient but also prioritise an efficient sustainability system.

Come and witness Mr Ariyanto discuss more about Bogasari Flour Mills and sustainability in the milling industry at the GRAPAS Innovations Conference on March 24th as part of VICTAM Animal Health and Nutrition Asia.

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