Day 1 of the IGC Grains Conference takes place June 8th, 2021.

The six sessions include: Trade policy, Strategic risk, Trade finance, Climate change, Trade and resilient food systems and Regional snapshot South East Asia

Climate change
Beyond the Covid-19 crisis, the development of sustainable agriculture will remain one of the main challenges for grains, oilseeds and rice markets over the coming years, particularly in terms of financing. However, several initiatives are being developed, including one from the finance sector that could impact the way grains markets operate, as well as a carbon footprint calculator for feed. This Panel will discuss the various approach to finance required to meet the challenges associated with climate change, as well as how the grains value chain should prepare for the next UN Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in November 2021.

Key topics for consideration:

  • Carbon foot print calculator
  • Sustainability scheme
  • Financing

The compound feed industry is very active and global in the field of sustainability and mitigation measures to climate change and responsible sourcing of feed ingredients. Across the world, compound associations are developing programs and tools to support their members and also their clients to optimise the use of the feedstock as well as their origination in order to reduce environmental impacts.

The EU and US compound industry developed a regular dialogue and effective cooperation on this topic. Both sides of the Atlantic will present their respective initiatives and viewpoints in the context of the evolving US/EU trade consultations.

The latest confirmed speaker is Nick Major, Chair of the Board of Directors, Global Feed LCA Institute (GFLI).

For more information visit the IGC website, HERE.

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