Whether in the context of the feed mill: traditional livestock, or fishfeed and petfood, Stolz, a company specialising in the processing of raw materials for animal nutrition, offers these adapted grinding lines.

Two types of grinding lines, widely tested and approved, are available:

  • A line dedicated to fine grinding for aquaculture or petfood feed
  • A line dedicated to traditional grinding used in the feed mill for animal feed production

The Stolz solution for fine grinding - with pneumatic lift and turbo-sifter - is an exceptional solution combining grain size quality and high throughput. It allows constant parameters to implement technical solutions that reduce grinding costs by 30 percent, by combining the costs related to electrical energy consumption-per-tonne of feed ground and spare parts compared to other available technologies.

For livestock this technology is used for all types of feed; poultry, pigs, cattle, horses, rabbits, sheep, goats and allows to adapt the rate and quality of milling and optimal electrical energy consumption.

These solutions implement:

Stolz's top-of-the-range ABMS type magnetic feeder-splitter which allows a homogeneous and regular feed over the entire width of the grinding chamber with frequency variation, regularity of amperage, improved lifetime of consumables: hammers and grids and is equipped with a safety device on the air inlet

  • Stolz's hammermill type RM/RMP equipped with a double direction of rotation, a change of grids when running using pneumatic cylinders, an option of automatic change of two or four grids
  • Temperature sensors on the bearings and the grinding chamber
  • Air flow control systems

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