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The Austrian company Statec Binder is dedicated to providing its customers with perfect solutions for bagging and palletising free-flowing bulk goods. Flexibility is therefore an essential aspect for the company itself and for the development of the machines.

With 40 years of experience, Statec Binder is now a technology leader in the area of high-performance open-mouth bagging and has successfully installed more than 1,300 machines worldwide.


Extensive product portfolio

Whether it's plastic pellets, rice, grain, flour, sugar, animal feed, pet food or fertiliser, the product range offers top-quality customer-focused solutions for any industry. The Principac, Certopac, Acropac and Circupac open mouth bagging systems are designed for polyethylene (PE), woven polypropylene (PP) and paper bags with a filling weight of 5-50kg. The high-performance segment is rounded off by the System-T FFS (form-fill-seal) machine used to produce bags from tubular reel, and the System-F vertical FFS machine for producing bags from flat film.

The palletising of bags and boxes of any type is made possible, thanks to the fully automatic Principal high-level palletising system, as well as the Principal-R high-performance robot palletiser. Manual and semi-automatic bagging systems, big bag stations, net weighers and the latest bag closing-systems round off the extensive product portfolio of Statec Binder.

The high quality standard of Statec Binder's machines, which is valued by its customers, is achieved by using only the best components from well-known suppliers, by the extensive use of stainless steel and by ensuring that the machines have a sturdy design.


High-performance bagging carousel for bagging flour and powdered products

The Circupac bagging carousel, developed by the Austrian company, simplifies the filling of flour and powdered products. Up to 1,200 bags can be filled per hour. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the continuously rotating carousel and the extended filling time through six filling stations. On the other hand, the constant compression of the product by special vibration plates, as well as the fully automatic bag separation, placement, filling and closing, ensure a smooth process and a well-filled bag.

The special feature of the machine, however, is the continuously rotating carousel: All components are precisely matched to each other so that the entire process can be carried out, without a start-stop system, and a maximum output of up to 1,200 bags per hour can be achieved. The Circupac is ideal for filling prefabricated pillow and gusset bags made of woven PP, PE or paper with a filling weight of 10-50kg.

The bagging process itself is still very simple, but effective. Vacuum suction cups pick up the bags one by one from the magazine and transport them to the pick up station. The bag is then moved to the filling spout, opened, placed and fixed in position.

In the meantime, the product is dosed and weighed by a Statec Binder high-performance net weigher and poured through an intermediate funnel into the bag fixed on the spout. Then, the carousel moves the bag to the next station and the next filling spout is ready for a new bag. A total of six filling stations can be installed in the carousel.

The product is compressed by a vibration plate, while the bag moves continuously, from station to station. At the end of the carousel, the filled bag is gripped by two gripper arms and positioned on the outfeed conveyor. From there the bag is transported into the bag closing unit. Depending on the bag material and type, the filled bags are either sewn, sealed or hot-glued.


High-performance palletising systems

The two fully automatic high-performance palletisers Principal and Principal-R are able to palletise bags and boxes of any type. As for bagging machines, Statec Binder relies on flexibility in palletising systems.

The high-performance Principal high-level palletiser enables stacking of up to 2,400 bags or boxes per hour. The Principal is equipped with an empty pallet magazine and a full pallet transport system, to ensure an efficient process. A bag flattener ensures that the bags are 'in shape' for stacking.

The functioning of the palletiser is quickly explained: The Principal forms layers from the bags or boxes, fed by a conveyor belt, and places them on a pallet which is lifted by a pallet elevator. After reaching the desired number of layers, the pallet is lowered and automatically transported via a roller conveyor.

Flexible layer formations are made possible by a servomotor-driven overhead turning device, which turns the bags into the required position. In this way, the bags can be brought into the optimal position, e.g. stitching tabs can point inwards, or barcodes can be read from the outside of the layer.

A well-structured layer pattern is guaranteed by the synchronous belt drive of the layer pusher, which enables the exact positioning of the bags or boxes, and the motor-driven front and side pusher, which ensure a stable and rectangular layer.

Depending on the required output, the Principal is equipped with a gravity infeed roller conveyor and a double row pusher. Usually, the load plate is coated with Teflon to ensure a smooth movement of the bags and boxes. It is possible to equip the load plate with air nozzles, instead of a Teflon coating, for an even smoother bag movement. Furthermore, an additional layer pressing device from top can be installed. In addition, the Prinicpal can be supplied with a slip sheet dispenser for empty pallets.

The high-performance robot palletiser Principal-R stacks up to 1,400 bags or boxes per hour. The multi-articulated arm robot palletising system is always offered as customer-specific solutions with well-known industrial robot manufacturers and Statec Binder know-how. Depending on the desired performance, different robot models are used. The bag gripper is also adapted to the respective application.

As standard, articulated robots with four axes and four degrees of freedom and a rotation of up to 360° in the R-axis are used. This robot type is particularly suitable for palletising and depalletising applications, due to its fast and repeatable movement. The operation and selection of the pallet patterns is made easily via a touch screen. The installation variants range from a single to a double up to multiple line arrangement.

Like the Principal, the Principal-R is supplied with an empty pallet magazine. Depending on customer requirements, further options such as a slip sheet dispenser for empty pallets can be integrated. A special feature of the Principal-R is that it has been optimised for palletising on so-called sling bags.


High-performance open-mouth bagging machines

Customer requirements vary, which is why different versions are available of the open-mouth bagging machines: for low, medium and high production capacities. To meet special customer requirements, the machines are also available in stainless steel execution.

Each machine is designed for bags with a filling weight of 5-50kg. The bagging process is largely identical for the different models. Individual prefabricated pillow or gusset bags made from woven PP, PE or paper are separated from a stack in the magazine, using vacuum suction cups, and transported to the pick-up station.

Here the bag is opened by means of a suction bar, inserted onto the filling spout, fixed in position and filled. The filled bag is then gripped and placed on the transport conveyor, from where it is taken to the bag closing machine, which stitches, seals or hot glues the bags depending on their material.

Statec Binder's product portfolio includes two high-performance open-mouth bagging machines. On the one hand there is the Principac – one of the world's fastest bagging machines at up to 2,000 bags per hour – and on the other hand the Certopac, which is designed to process up to 1,500 bags per hour. The Acropac model was developed by Statec Binder to cater for lower production capacities, and it is suitable for filling up to 600 bags per hour.

The models can also be equipped with a dust-proof filling spout and additional vibration devices for compressing products in the bag. This is an essential feature, in particular for bagging powdery products such as flour.

Another special characteristic of the high-performance open-mouth bagging machines by Statec Binder is that they are also available as a 'Combi-Version'. This version allows for both processing of bags from the bag magazine and for the production of bags from tubular reel.

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