Skiold is a 142-year-old feed production supplies company based in Denmark, but active across the world. The Solix Group-owned business started life in 1877 as SæbyJernstøberiog, an iron foundry and machine shop, specialising in the manufacture of steel casings. By 1938 Skiold was producing and exporting stone grinding mills, and by 1952 had expanded its range to include feed mixers and hammer mills.

These days the company makes machinery for feed production plants, full-line pig farms, equipment for poultry farms, housing for cattle farms, grain storage and handling plants and seed processing equipment. It has over 500 employees and subsidiaries in 10 countries.

The company supplies individually designed, complete plants for the handling of grain, including galvanised steel silos, large flat-bottom storage silos, smaller hopper silos for raw materials or ready feed, and equipment for intake, cleaning, drying, and conveying solutions.

Skiold has been particularly active in Asia recently, signing a large order for a full-line pig farm in Taiwan, a memorandum of understanding with the Sao Mai Group in Vietnam to build the country's largest modern paddy storage and rice mill plant, and a new double story poultry farm in Malaysia.

One of the more recent innovations Skiold has brought to the market is the SkioldFlexMix- a PC system which provides users with easy access to all data for recipes, production, raw materials as well as processing and production history. Ideal for feed manufacturers, the service works as an on-screen flow diagram, allowing users to easily check and refine their mixes and recipes to ensure the best possible end-product.

Other products Skiold offer the market include their D-series bucket elevators, which are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, from 14-545m3-per-hour. Skiold's elevators also boast a variety of additional features, including anti-static and oil-resistant belts, shaft-mounted gear motors, galvanised construction and much more.

In recent years the company has made a string of acquisitions and mergers. In 2011 it took over ACEMO, a large French farm equipment supplier. The following year it acquired DAMAS, an old and established grain and seed machinery brand in Denmark. In the years that followed the company established branches in China, Ukraine, Spain and Vietnam, and their expansion will no doubt continue as they prove their mettle in the grain and feed industries at an international level.

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