Washington-based storage solutions provider Scafco Grain Systems are renowned in the industry for their high-quality storage solutions. Along with producing bins, silos and hoppers the company are also experts in manufacturing grain elevators, conveyors and a variety of storage accessories.

Scafco engineers pride themselves on their use of advanced 3D modelling and digital technologies to create the most efficient, competitively costing, advanced systems for each and individual customer, and their success has led to the company only continuing to flourish over the past 60+ years.

One thing that makes Scafco truly unique is their international scope: the company continually promotes its latest projects proudly, and with good reason. Earlier in the year, Scafco completed a variety of international commissions including an installation of 20 silos in Mexico, holding an impressive 120,000mt of corn, as well as hopper bottom bins in their hometown, Washington, USA. Expansion projects are also being carried out on corn silos in Costa Rica with an all new aeration system to keep the corn in optimal condition.

The company also take into account the need for temporary solutions and ensure to offer clients the opportunity to also manufacture solutions that cater to short term needs. Scafco have been producing temporary storage solutions since 1987 and offer a variety of cost-effective options, with capacities of up to 1.5 million bushels, with up to one or two feet tall bunker walls in 3'6' and 7'3' wall heights. Each of these temporary solutions still remain long lasting, secure and effective with the Scafco seal of quality and excellence.

When viewing Scafco's product range, one feature that truly stands out is customisability. Scafco understand the need for users to customise their projects to individually suit their own needs and so a wide variety of options are available for users to select their perfect solution.

Scafco's Commercial Grain Bins are available in diameters of between 3.66m-14.63m and with capacities up to an impressive 55,827 bushels. Optional accessories also include hopper support structures, hopper bottom bin aeration, hopper bottom ladders as well as special G140 or G210 coatings.

No matter how minor the accessory or feature, Scafco offer it in a variety of modes to suit your needs; ladder systems are also available for both inside and outside grain bins, as well as spiral stairs. Stairs have the additional option to be galvanised and equipped with non-skid stair treads and handrails.

Of course, Scafco offer just as impressive a range for feed manufacturers. Scafco Bulk Feed Tanks also come with a variety of features available, sure to suit every requirement. Their feed tanks are available in diameters between 1.83m-4.57m (or larger, should customers specifically require it).

Manufactured from G115-coated steel, custom discharge heights and openings can also be installed upon request. Their feed tanks can efficiently store any commodity, including feed, seeds, wood, sand or plastic pallets, as well as also grain.

Scafco are only continuing to grow to become a key name in the bulk storage industry, and it is easy to see why. Their solutions place the client in complete control with the ability to tailor-make each individual project, ensuring a happy customer every time.

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