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Satake Australia recently exhibited its Denny's silo, optical sorter EZER351 and other grain processing equipment at Elders FarmFest 2021, held three days from 8 June in Queensland, Australia.

Elders FarmFest, one of the oldest agricultural machinery exhibitions in Australia, is held every year and celebrated its 46th anniversary this year. Due to Covid-19, last years' event was cancelled.

The Denny's Silo exhibited was a 242T x 6.7-Dia x 35-Deg, being one of the most popular on farm storage silos that our client's purchase. It provides a strong, conical based storage option for growers, large enough in size for bulk storage while still offering segregation. It will also feature our fumigation and aeration systems.

Craig Doorey, Director and Head of Sales at Satake Australia says, "The FarmFest 2021 was a very successful event. The increase in sales volume trend continued through the event. This is due to good rainfall resulting in increase in farm yield this year. Most of our customers are also taking advantage of Australian Government Tax write off scheme just before End of Financial Year. On our stand, we had walk-in facility of Silo for our customer which most of our attendees enjoyed and experienced the strength and quality of our Silos."

For more information visit the Satake website, HERE.


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